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Sports court to practice paddle, designed for both outdoor and indoor use. 

Total dimensions: 10x20m (standard and official)

Warranty: 2 years.

High durability due to UV ray protection .
Supply of 3000 kg of dry sand for sports practice, with an approx. load of 15 kg/ m2.
  • Available colours for INDOOR / OUTDOOR courts: Green / Blue / brick red.
  • Available colours for INDOOR courts: black / violet
Metallic structure made of 100x50x2mm tubular posts.
RAL 6005 Lacquered finish. Optional: available to choose from any other RAL colour.
Lighting poles:
Set of 4 poles - 6 mts high.
Anchoring plates independent from the structure.
4 projectors / court– 400 W MH.

Wiring until pole base.

Paddle net made of polypropylene (PP).
Black colour finish.
Without high resistant knot.

Net Tensile sockets.

JPD080C Paddle Tennis Platz Innova