Hot-dip galvanising is performed by dipping the steel part in a zinc bath, at a temperature of 450ºC. During the dipping phase, a reaction takes place between the iron in the part and the zinc, generating an iron-zinc alloy that adheres to the surface. In the galvanising process, the average zinc thickness is between 50 and 80 μm. Galvanising extends the product's useful life. Once the material has been galvanised, it is not necessary to paint it or apply any treatment. Hot-dip galvanising in a zinc bath guarantees the part is completely coated inside and out, including hidden parts.


  • High resistance to corrosion
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Low maintenance


  • Posts
  • Structures
  • Tubes

Thickness - tubes: Ø80x2mm Swings structure

Thickness - sheet: 4mm Metallic angles and post anchorages

Edge detailing: Smooth border finish