To demonstrate our awareness and commitment to the environment and develop the path towards a circular economy. This process seeks to reduce waste progressively every year and that any waste is reused or recycled instead of being deposited in landfills. The integration of environmental sustainability criteria in the management of a company has gained importance over the years. At present, environmental awareness must be global, so if we want to be part of it and follow the transformation of the sector, we must move towards sustainability, betting on a circular economy, with a clear strategic objective in each of our production processes.

ECOPLAY is a new 100% eco-friendly material with great durability and resistance. ECOPLAY has been developed in collaboration with our suppliers and is manufactured from recycled materials; it, in turn, is also 100% recyclableECOPLAY is a solid step towards sustainability, and that is why BENITO uses it more and more often in its new products.

ECOPLAY is high density polyehylene with two layers with rough finish, with recycling material in the inside core, ideal for use inside and outside use. It is a top quality three-layer product, the two outer layers are made of virgin raw material with an orange peel finish, the interior is made of recycled polyethylene, offering consistency and thickness to the entire sheet. 

Manufacturing and recycling process:

1. Raw material: The raw material arrives to the factory.

2. Processing: We mix virgin raw material with recycled material in the manufacturing of our ecodur sheets.

3. Product: ECOPLAY sheets are used for panels and barriers for playgrounds.

4. Reuse: At the end of their useful life the materials can be collected and reused in the manufacturing process.

  • Easy to clean off grafiti
  • Zero maitenance
  • High resistance to moisture
  • Does not break down
  • 100% recyclable and non-toxic
  • Uniform colour throughout and resistant to UV rays


  • Roofs
  • Protective panels
  • Decorative elements
  • Seats

Thickness and percentage of recycled post-industrial material:

  • 10mm – ≥ 50%
  • 12mm – ≥ 70%
  • 15mm – ≥ 80%
  • 19mm – ≥ 85%

Edge detailing: R4mm


  • Yellow RAL1023
  • Red RAL3020
  • Orange RAL2008
  • Green RAL6028
  • Light Green RAL6018
  • Blue RAL5017
  • Grey RAL7042
  • White RAL1001
  • Black RAL9005