Project carried out in the Pajaritos neighbourhood including a playground and a fitness area, which has resulted in a substantial improvement for the environment.

The connection of the Camino de Ronda with the neighbourhoods of Pajaritos and La Caleta has become a reality. The city Council has completed the regeneration and reorganisation works of the 23,000 m2 space that was occupied by the old military motoring barracks.

The area, known as Parque Automovilístico, is located in the Pajaritos neighbourhood, specifically on Alondra Street, very close to the high-speed train station. The urbanisation of this land, whoch had been abandoned for many years, has meant a significant improvement for its surroundings, since in addition to the development of the road, the project has contemplated the creation of a green area of more than 10,000 m2 as well as a playground and fitness areas.