NeoBarcino benches have been installed in mount Igueldo to admire the views of the Concha Bay.

Located in San Sebastián, mount Igueldo is one of the most attractive tourist attractions of the city as its top offers stunning views of the Concha Bay.

On the summit, there is a centenary amusement park which remains in operation and can be accessed by cable car.

With the aim of offering visitors a place to rest and from which the coast can be admired, BENITO NeoBarcino benches have been installed. It is a classical yet resistant model, made with tropical wood slats and cast iron legs.

To ensure the durability of the material, two treatments have been applied: Ferrus which protects iron and guarantees an optimal resistance to corrosion, even in saline environments; and Lignus, a fungicide, insecticide and waterproof agent for wood.