Floodlight Petrol



The watertight B-flex module consists of a heat sink made of injected aluminium with tempered glass and the PCB B-flex featuring the latest and more advanced LEDs along a combination of next gen lens that provide a perfect solution for each and every specific application.

There are two formats, square 12 LEDs & 16 LEDs, and rectangular 24 LEDs & 32 LEDs, which allow flexibility and multiple setups, power and lighting distribution.

- LEDs 320lm @ 700mA 4000K.
- NTC sensor for temperature control.
- Imax = 1 A, Tc max 75ºC.
- B10L90 100,000 hours at -20ºC < Tc < 75ºC.
- Aluminium injection heat sink.
- Tempered glass
- Direct fixing via 4 M4 bolts (Custom-made support plates available,
contact us for further information)
- EN62471-2009 – photobiological fixture security test
- EN62031 - LED modules for general lighting. Security requirements.

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